Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Peace-Cyprus.Org

  1. Who is behind this project?
    This project is the joint effort of the individuals forming the team. The idea was developed through the Web-For-Peace mailing list.

  2. Are you affiliated with any organisation, political party, etc?
    No. Peace-Cyprus.Org as a team is not a member of any political party, organization or group nor is it endorsed by any group.

  3. How can I get my project hosted on your servers?
    You can contact us at for details about hosting and technical support. For further information see the "How to Join/Contribute?" section.

  4. Will you make my pages for me?
    Peace-Cyprus.Org is eager to provide you with technical support and information about making pages, but as a group we will not be building pages for you.

  5. Can I mirror my existing pages?
    Yes! Peace-Cyprus.Org aims to act as a Cyprus Peace-building portal providing easy access to information about peace-building activites. If you already have pages along the line of the goals of Peace-Cyprus.Org as described in "About", we will gladly consider mirroring your pages.

  6. What tools/technology do you offer?
    We offer most of the traditional capabilities of world wide web. This includes multi-media streaming, databases, search engines, CGI-BIN scripting etc. Our servers work on a Linux OS and we will try our best to help installing more programs and capabilities. All services offered by Peace-Cyprus.Org are free of charge. Please contact us for more information.

  7. Can I join in your team? is always open to new and enthusiastic members. Contact us at for more details

  8. What is your position on the Cyprus problem?
    Peace-Cyprus.Org team came together with the goal of providing technology to facilitate communication among Cypriots. We believe that peace-building efforts about Cyprus are crucial to reach a solution to the problem and hence support activities which aim to bring the people of Cyprus together with the goal of building peace.

  9. I like your effort, I want to donate. Can I?
    We do not accept monetary donations at the moment. However, we are really in need of enthusiastic individuals who would help us and others hosting pages here. This is an alternative way of 'donating' for us. Please contact us at for more details.

  10. I hate you! I want to flame you! Can I?
    Sure you can do so! Send us an email...

  11. Who is financing this project?
    The cost of this project is very minimal. The whole thing is financed by the people in the team. It is a volunteer-work based project.

  12. What do you mean by using technological tools to reach people and achieve peace?
    As you know, new advances in technology, especially the internet, allow many ways of communication. One problem we have in Cyprus is the lack of communication between the communities. We believe that internet provides a unique opportunity to organize, share information and get information. Cypriots can use this to resolve their differences and their problems. We hope to provide a medium for this through our web-pages.

  13. How can I call you or send a fax to you?
    You can call us, leave a voice-message or send a fax all through the toll-free number (in the U.S.A.) 1-877-3791865.

  14. Would you be interested in presenting your work to other bicommunal groups?
    Yes. As Peace-Cyprus.Org we are aiming to reach as many people as we can and inform them of the ways they can utilize technology in the rapproachment of the Cypriot people and how Peace-Cyprus.Org can help. We have already made presentations to various groups both in the U.S. and in Cyprus. You can find out more about these at our Presentations page

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