As, we are very happy to witness that the events and activities related to peace building efforts at a grassroots level are multiplying dramatically. We feel that for the first time we can speak of a bi-communal peace and reconciliation movement. This is great news.

Since its launch last June, has hosted and/or created pages about all major bi-communal events and peace activities and has kept its news section updated with all the necessary information for its visitors. Since is a completely volunteer organisation and is not affiliated to any other organisation or supported financially by anyone, the amount of work we have to deal with has dramatically increased.

In order to provide full coverage of all bi-communal and peace activities and events, has set up the CYPRUS PEACE REPORTERS team, a network of volunteer reporters and photographers who provide us with reports, information and images. The members of this great team are both professional and non-professional individuals who spend some of their free time to cover bi-communalevents and peace activities in Cyprus. This includes taking photographs, writing short articles and/or searching the local press for news related to these events.

If you are interested to join the team and become a CYPRUS PEACE REPORTER please contact us at:


You can also leave us a voicemail or send us a fax at 1-877-3791865.